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Here is a link to our Giving Campaign you can print off.

Thank you for 10 years of support!

We believe in our community and our cause.

Wish Granters Annual Giving Campaign Oct. 5th-31st

                                     Help make a difference in lives of a Terminally Ill Adults:


Dear Wish Granters Supporters,
Wish Granters would like to share an opportunity with you to make a difference in lives of terminally ill adults in the Treasure Valley. This year has been a challenging year for many, especially nonprofits. We feel very blessed by our amazing community and the supporters who have helped us continue our mission of granting wishes to those confronted with a terminal illness. We not only make an impact on the wish recipient but on their loved ones left behind.
The Covid-19 pandemic has caused all of our fundraising events to be postponed or canceled due to the safety of those attending and those dealing with a terminal illness. The belief in our cause has kept us moving forward, and we are determined to stay upbeat so we can continue to stay on track and continue our mission.
We need your support so we can continue to make a difference in Ada & Canyon county; will you consider partnering with us, whether it be by a donation or sponsorship? During this annual giving campaign, your tax-deductible donation will enable us to further our mission, help us to grow our wish program and help us reach more counties in the state of Idaho.
Please consider making a donation, whether it be $10, $25, $50 or more, by October 31st. Doing so will help us reach our goal of $30,000. With this donation, you can make a difference in our future and in the future of our wish recipients—it all comes down to your generous donation. Any gift of $250 or more will receive two original Wish Granters glasses and a bottle of wine.
If you would like information on recurring giving, tax-wise gift or planned giving, please contact us at

                                                                             You can make a difference.

To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant,

rich, beautiful, or perfect. You just have to care. ~Mandy Hale


Wish Granters Board of Directors and Wish Granters Staff

Contribution Details:

Mail to: Wish Granters Inc. 1111 S. Orchard St. Ste. 291, Boise, ID. 83705; Or make a donation on our websites donation button. Please put in the comment your donation is for our Annual Giving Campaign. 

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Wish Granters Big Shout Out!

Thank you to The Blessing Bike Organization- Jill, Wade, their Board of Directors and especially Rosemary! You are amazing and your hearts & continued support to Wish Granters and the community have not gone unnoticed. Check them out

Thank you to all the Care Facilities throughout Idaho who took the time to submit a video. The 4 facilities who were granted a bike are below along with their videos.

Thank you to the local Media for covering this event.

Channel 6

Channel 7

Channel 9 morning news

Thank you to everyone who voted!


   Payette Healthcare Cascadia

Peterson Place

The Cottage Senior Living of Nampa

 https //

The Joshua Smith Foundation